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Welcome to ShortStory by Carolina O'Leary!™

Dear Friends,

Whether it’s biking in the spring or lounging in the summer or being cozy in the winter, shorts are definitely my favorite thing to wear.

So why not get to wear shorts year-round? That’s one of the reasons I created ShortStory by Carolina O’Leary™ —with chic, well-designed shorts in soft fabrics and great colors for all seasons.

On a daily basis, we are hit with the stories of people in need of our help today. ShortStory shorts are made locally in the USA in natural, environment-friendly fabrics. And best yet, each season we donate a percentage of sales proceeds to a different charity so you can walk in our shorts with style and purpose!
So this season, I hope you’ll don your style, spirit and a pair of ShortStory shorts and make a little bit of a difference in world.

Founder and Designer

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